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The Renaissance Club is authorized to issue major Renaissance artworks —— the most priceless IP in human history —— from 36 museums including the Louvre with hundreds of famous paintings in high-definition digital scanning, in order to bring the value of those times in the 15th century to the forefront through NFT and its Web 3.0 precondition. It is all back to the core spirit of "human" while exploring the meaning of mankind and creating a cutting age value.

Originating in Italy and eventually extending to all of Europe, the Renaissance was a revolutionary movement of art and philosophy that brought a new vision to humanity in Europe right after the terrifying Black Death. Greek speaking Scholars at the time recaptured the meaning and value of humanity through the philosophies of classical Greece and Rome.

Since 2020, the world has also been deeply impacted by the pandemic, and human civilization is right at another great singularity while various paradigms are being shifted. Among them came the NFT, which is a digital art form liberating people to create and trade more freely.

With your membership of the Renaissance Club(TRAC) and outstanding artistic taste, you are going to participate in the establishment of this new era of classic art together in a solid metaverse!

RenArt will issue 10,000 NFT, followed by a global tour of Renaissance exhibitions and museums, virtual galleries, and special limited co-branded PFP. Members will enjoy priority rights for Whitelist, Airdrops and much more.

After six hundred years, what kind of revolution can TRAC leave behind for mankind? It's all up to your creativity!